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The recommendations made on this page are based on our use and/or experience we have had with the product or service. We realize that the resources indicated are not all inclusive and may be limiting to some due to service area, however, we felt the need to mention these services/products on this page as we have been extremely satisfied with the products/services listed on this page.

Got Kids? 

Do you have children? I do; several....From toddler to teen, being educated about how to treat your puppy/dog is ESSENTIAL to attaining and maintaining a harmonious relationship between your family and furry friend. We sometimes overlook and even participate in behaviors that our dogs find frightening, intimidating and even down right offensive. What we always have to remember, and what is easy to forget, as we get wrapped up in the "cuteness" of a new puppy or dog, is that ultimately, our puppy/dog is an animal. Like I tell my own children, our dogs and other pets are deserving of respect, just as we are...We, as responsible adults and pet owners, owe it to our children, as well as our dogs, to be knowledgeable about how to create and maintain positive relationships with our furry friends. There are many books, online articles and videos/DVDs that address the subject of children and dogs. Dr. Sophia Yin, a leading advocate for the human treatment of animals, has written several extremely informative and easy to read books on animal behavior. Dr. Yin has also created several informative and easy to read posters on the subject of Dog Interaction. I have attached a few below and think that you will find these posters colorful, kid friendly and informative....even for adults (smile)

An additional book, that was a must read for my children, was A New Leash on Life, by Kara Hamilton. This is an easy to read, kid-friendly book, with colorful illustrations, that really brings home the message that proper "human" behavior will allow for peaceful co-existence with our pets. The author, as a supporter of the Humane Society, donates 10% of the profits of this book to help support the work of the Humane Society of the United States. This book is very reasonably priced as a paperback and for Kindle reading at (click on book title).

Living with Kids and Dogs... by Colleen Pelar as another easy, but extremely educational read. For anyone with children looking to introduce a new dog or puppy into their home; whether for the first time, or as a repeat experience, this book should top your supply list of "THINGS NEEDED FOR PUPPY/NEW DOG". Full of information, as well as tips, this book offers great insight for the prospective to the new dog owner who also has children.

Dog Training:

A well trained dog, regardless of the breed, promotes harmony in your home and balance in your pack. The Labradoodle is very intelligent. They can learn good habits or VERY BAD habits very quickly. As we have learned over time, dog training isn't just about training the dog, it's about training US as well. We have found that the earlier you begin training and the more consistent your are with training techniques, the more effective the results will be. We have participated in several modalities of training, from chain store training to personal training. While we have had success with each of these; we have found that the consistent 1:1 training that our dogs received through Rose at Cold Creek Dog Training.  Cold Creek provides training provides quick and effective dog training that will meet the personal needs of your dog and family! See below for link to Cold Creek Dog Training. 

Dog Grooming: 

As you Labradoodle grows, so will their hair! You will find that there are some cuts that will compliment your doodle more than others. You may go through a few groomings before you find a cut that suits your pooch. The internet is full of awesome pictures of Labradoodles! Based on their coat type, you're sure to find some good examples to share with your groomer. It's a good idea to find a groomer that is familiar with the breed as Labradoodles have certain characteristics (such as hair inside the ears) that some other breeds do not. A good groomer not only cuts/styles your dog's hair, they also educate you about maintaining your dog's mane. Our dogs are well tended to and always come back buttery soft when they come back from our awesome groomer. See below for link to All About Furr.

Good Eats?

There is really good information online about the pros and cons of raw versus dry diet. We feed a primarily dry diet, with occassional add ins (such as chicken, ground beef, and liver). There are lots of really good dog foods on the market. However, we have found that you get what you pay for. In an effort to increase nutritional value, we feed our Labradoodles Life's Abundance dog food. Life's Abundance carries several flavors of dry and wet dog foods. How much food your dog should get in a day will depend on it's size. While your dog food bag will make feeding recommendations, your dog is an individual. We recommend that your discuss your dog's nutritional needs with your vet to ensure that their caloric needs are met. 

Good Treats?

Good treats are not only tasty, they are a motivator for good behavior. If you go into any pet store, you will notice that there is a vest array of "goodies" to satisfy your pooches palate. We tend to stick with soft treats that can be easily split into smaller pieces (for purposes of training). Some treats that our dogs REALLY enjoy are (in no specific order):

  • ​BilJac: YappleNanaa (Apple Banana Flavor)
  • BilJac: Original Recipe
  • Zuke's Lil Links: (Variety of Flavors)

*Please note: Your dog should get the bulk of their nutrition from their dog food. Snacks should be limited in quantity.

To Hide or not to Hide?

Is it a good idea to give a dog rawhide? There are strong debates pro and con for this chewable. Now, your vet and even your past experiences may help to dictate what direction you go in with this debate. The internet has several nice sites/articles that speak to the different types of rawhide. A good example is: My dogs, during their teething phase, loved to chew.... In an effort to satisfy their need to chew, as well as spare my furniture and shoes, I chose to give our dogs rawhide. HOWEVER, as more active chewers, I give my dogs "compressed" rawhide. There are also several varieties of bones. There are puppy bones, flavored/basted bones, bones for oral health, etc. As with all toys and chewables, you should closely monitor your dog to prevent choking. *Tip: The gravy basted bones gave one of my dogs diarrhea.Yikes!

Crates/Crate Training

We will initiate crate training with your puppy from Autumn Lane Doodles; however, consistency will be important. . Crate training helps to promote independence and provides your dog with his/her own room or den. It allows them a space to retreat when they are overstimulated, or when they need "down" time. A crate helps to decrease undesirable behaviors, helps to reinforce potty training; and even decrease anxiety when you have to leave the home. There are many online articles regarding the benefits of crate training. Many pet stores and online stores sell crates reasonably. Most importantly, when purchasing a crate, always give consideration to comfort and the size your dog will be when they reach adult age (our Parker ended up being larger than predicted). Our dogs still sleep in their crates at night, even though we trust them outside of the crate; therefore, we have soft dog beds within their crates. We like to use dog crates that come with adjustable dividers. This way, you can adjust the amount of space your puppy needs as it grow.